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Who was Richard Moore?

Above you will see the earliest occurance of Anderson Moore in the United States Census (1870 U.S. Census, Holmes County, MS. population schedule, Lexington District, p60). He is eight-years-old and living with Richard Anderson who is nine. There are no adults in the home with them. They are at dwelling 493. Virginia (listed as Jenny) is with Frederic, William, and Lafayette at dwelling 402, Samuel Moore is listed with his family at dwelling 400.

My question is who is Richard? I have searched for Richard in subsequent censuses near Anderson and  Lafayette (the two most well-documented of Virginia’s children) and have come up empty. Was he another child of Virginia’s?

Also, why were these two young boys living by themselves approximately 90 houses away from their mother?

Locating the Moores in the 1880 and 1890 censuses

I began this entry with the intent of notiing how Anderson was missing from the 1880 and 1890 censuses. I then realized so was Lafayette. Upon further research, I realized the whole Moore clan is missing. Does anyone know if this is a matter of missing records or if the family was living elsewhere for two decades?

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