Long before a website for our family was ever envisioned, the Moores had history and our ancestors left behind a legacy for us. Many family historians have taken up the charge. Two that deserve note are the late Patricia Philson and the late Amanda Watkins.

The Moore Family History and Research Committee are taking efforts to make our ancestors and elders proud by continuing to document the history and keeping the legacy alive. Ways in which we currently are and will do this is by having a family reunion every two years, updating a hard copy Moore family book–that Charley Moore Jr affectionately calls the Moore family bible–family interviews via various media forums, conducting both traditional and genetic geneaology research, historical documentation, and family education.

Patricia Philson was the Moore family’s orginal family researcher. She learned, through speaking with family elders, that Virginia was enslaved to Samuel Moore. Samuel fathered her three eldest sons (Anderson, Willie, Lafayette). Virginia would later marry Fred Burns Sr. Fred fathered her two youngest children (Frank Jr. and Dolly).

Pat also learned that Virginia was a local midwife.